About Los Chimpos

Many moons ago, three young men who were attending a somewhat lacklustre wedding (as guests) decided that life was a bit crap and so decided to take over the world… it soon became apparent, however, that this would not happen.

So, instead, they started writing stupid stories and drawing terrible cartoons purely to amuse themselves.  After a brief burst of initial excitement, the Los Chimpos name faded from history and their efforts soon slowed to a crawl and then hit a brick wall.

However… they are now back.

Those three young men, the Los Chimpos collective, will probably soon get bored of this too but, for now, you’ll find some or all of the following on this here blog that you are looking at with your eyes:

Movie and video game reviews
Poorly written fiction
Crude drawings
Music that will challenge the universe as we know it
Some breasts
Random images
Crying women
Falling kingdoms

Some of it will be recycled from previous Los Chimpos incarnations but the majority of it will be new.  The things that spring from our fevered minds are often odd,  enjoy the ride…

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