A Probing Poem

Three little monkeys were sitting in the jungle
When one got bored and fancied a rumble,
So down he jumped to the green, green floor
Looking for a fight,
Ready for a war.

The first thing he saw when he walked through the grass
Was a angry baboon with a bright red arse.
“Hey” he shouted, dancing with glee,
“You’re a wanker, come and get me!”

Well the monkey ran and the baboon gave chase,
Crashing through the jungle on their deadly race.
Suddenly the monkey stopped and fell to the ground
Because he had heard a very strange sound

There in the sky was a UFO
What was it doing there? The monkey didn’t know.
The baboon hadn’t noticed and was ready to fight
When he was suddenly blinded by a bright white light

The baboon got drawn into the strange alien ship
The monkey was safe so he didn’t give a shit.
The spaceship departed with its new animal load
That poor baboon was getting anally probed!

The moral of this story should be taken to heart,
Never chase a monkey if you value your arse!


Posted by Norton