The Final Leap

Theorising that one could time travel within his own lifetime, Doctor Samuel Beckett stepped into the Quantum Leap accelerator and vanished…


Over the countless years of leaping, across decades and lifetimes, he had become accustomed to waking in strange places.  In a stranger’s clothes.  With a stranger’s face.
He had almost lost track of who he himself was but, with thanks to his friend Al and with his own Swiss-cheese memory slowly being filled, he could remember enough of his own life to hold onto his personality and his beliefs.  He knew who he was, inside, behind the unfamiliar face and he was confident he could retain some sense of being for long enough that, one day, he’d leap back into himself.

That day would never come.

Sam felt himself become someone new, someone strangely tired, and opened his eyes.

He realised that he was against a wall, legs sprawled out on the floor and that there was something metallic in his mouth.
He brushed straggly blonde hair out of his eyes and caught his reflection in the glass of some French doors to his right.

With a start, and too late to stop himself, he realised he had the barrel of a gun was in his mouth.  His involuntary twitch of surprise tensed his hand and his trigger finger, resting on the trigger itself, pulled back…

The End.


Posted by Norton